CEM Startup Revolution

Strengthen your company strategy to attract customers and financial support.

Join us at Crypto Expo Milan for a two-day interactive workshop, Startup Revolution, designed specifically for crypto entrepreneurs. This workshop is your gateway to gaining in-depth insights into the ever-evolving crypto market, how to create more value, and optimize your marketing strategy. Explore the challenges faced by crypto startups, including positioning, business models, utility, digital marketing, public relations, and legal limitations. Join the workshop submitting your startup idea and stand a chance to win valuable consulting sessions and have your project analyzed during the workshop.

No Previous Start Up Experience Needed
No Previous Management Needed
No Overpriced Agencies
And it’s included in the Conference pack.

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Startup Revolution

Day 1: Understanding the Crypto Market

Module 1: Market Dynamics

Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and the latest market trends. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the crypto market operates and where it's headed.

Module 2: Positioning and Business Models

Learn how to effectively position your crypto startup in a crowded market. Explore various business models and discover which one suits your project best.

Module 3: Utility and User Adoption

Explore the importance of utility in crypto projects. Understand how to create products or services that drive adoption and add real value to the crypto ecosystem.

Day 2: Optimizing Your Crypto Startup

Module 4: Digital Marketing Strategies & Legal Limitations

Get hands-on guidance on crafting a winning digital marketing strategy for your crypto project. Learn about effective online marketing channels and tactics.

Module 5: PR and Community Building

Discover the art of building a strong online presence and community around your crypto startup. Learn to leverage PR strategies for positive exposure.

Module 6: Study Case

Q&A Session & Closure


As part of the "Level-Up Your Crypto Business " workshop, we invite participants to submit their project or startup ideas for analysis.


TOP 3 PROJECTS will receive one-on-one consulting sessions. Additionally, one project will be chosen as a study case during the workshop.

Who Should Attend:

  • Crypto Entrepreneurs
  • Startup Enthusiastss
  • Investors Interested in Crypto Projects
  • Marketing and PR Professionals in the Crypto Space
  • Anyone Looking to Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Crypto Market


By the end of the "LEVEL UP" workshop, participants will:
  • Have a solid grasp of the crypto market dynamics.
  • Know how to position their crypto startup effectively.
  • Understand various business models and choose the right one.
  • Learn strategies to drive user adoption and create utilit.
  • Be equipped with digital marketing and PR tactics.
  • Gain insights into navigating legal challenges in the crypto industry..

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