Free training workshops

The workshops of the CEM, are structured to offer you the necessary foundations to embark on a path in the crypto world. Studied with the input of industry experts, this path will allow you to become part of a rapidly growing industry, which is already** revolutionizing the world**. The workshops are designed both for those who are starting to discover the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and for those who already have an advanced level of knowledge of the sector.

The workshops are scheduled on all 4 days of the event and will be marked with specific labels, indicating the level of content (beginner, intermediate, advanced), the main theme (blockchain, NFT, trading, DeFi, etc.) and above all the specific training path (DeFi, technology, Trading, etc.)

Blockchain Technology

  • Basics of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Blockchain, Transactions
  • Getting Started, Use Cases
  • Wallets, Exchanges, Essential Tools, Recommended Tools (Wallet and Recommended Tools)
  • Blockchain in public policies of Europe, Africa and America
  • Taxes, privacy fiscal aspects for citizens (focus on residents in Italy)
  • The role of stablecoins in a decentralized ecosystem
  • NFTs and the future of the Metaverse (Metaverse - Overview of a virtual world)
  • What are Altcoins
  • How to protect yourself from various SCAMs

Trading and Online Earnings

  • Cryptocurrency trading and scalping basics
  • Decentralization, mining, forking, staking
  • Market cap, Supply, Charts and main metrics
  • Documentation, Whitepaper
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies and main strategies
  • How to choose the best tools
  • Main altcoins: features, risks, decentralization

Investments in Defi and New Projects

  • Difference between DeFi and CeFi
  • Main projects in Defi
  • Information sources and key tools
  • Key metrics, documentation and whitepapers
  • CBDC: 2022 update on central bank public policies
  • Regulatory approach in various countries
  • Crypto-friendly countries
  • What is a DAO and how it works
  • Management of risk on lending protocols
  • Forms of financing: ICO, STO, IEO, ILO, VCs

From web 2.0 to web 3.0

  • From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: the future of cloud computing
  • I want to become a blockchain programmer (web 3.0 )
  • Smart Contracts, Tokens, Layers Explained
  • Lightning Network, Layer 2, BIP, Future Developments
  • Keeping Blockchain Applications Secure: A Path to Sustainable Security and Enterprise Blockchain
  • How Web3 is Powering the Metaverse
  • How NFTs Are Transforming Life 'economics of creators
  • Securing NFTs with enterprise blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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